A predominately plant-based diet is not a trend, it’s an awakening. What we eat everyday is literally the building blocks for how we feel and how well we will be! Well planned vegan diets have been proven and reassured to not only supply us with all the nutrients our bodies need, but are also our number one natural protection to decreasing the risk of chronic diseases. Celebrity trainer Kamila McDonald shares over 100 simple, Jamaican inspired, healthy recipes for permanent weight loss, increasing gut health, rebooting metabolism and reclaiming your best health.  


This predominantly plant-based Caribbean recipe book will challenge you to step up to the greatness inside of you, mastering meals that will allow you to come alive, thrive and become exactly who we were destined to be. Try them, practice them and conquer them.  You will soon see how easy, how affordable, and how yummy eating predominantly plant-based can actually be!




Wake Up and Live 2nd Edition: A mind, body, spirit approach to lifestyle change.


Celebrity trainer Kamila McDonald openly shares how she lost over 60 pounds and transformed her own life, taking her readers on a comprehensive mind, body, spirit journey on becoming their happiest, healthiest self. 


Through each nutrition lesson, theme of the week, and irresistible recipe, she empowers her readers with the tools, knowledge and consciousness to truly be able to, once and for all, Wake Up and Live.


2nd Edition Contents : 


A step by step guide to:  

-Healing from the inside out 

-Mastering the art of discipline and consistency 

-Rebooting metabolism 

-Reducing inflammation 

-Increasing gut health 

-Reggae Recipes; Tasty, healthy recipes and cooking tips from some of your favorite reggae artistes 

-Guided fitness and nutrition journal with habit and goal tracker, meal planner and weekly reflections

It’s been an incredible year of Waking Up and LIVING. I’ve heard from readers who went from a size 14 to a size 4, a few who lost over 100 pounds, and so many who finally shed the last few stubborn pounds and belly fat that wouldn’t budge for years.


But far more valuable and meaningful are the hundreds who have empowered themselves, turned into their own inner MD and realized that by becoming active participants of our own health, with a few small, deliberate changes we can all enjoy the highest quality of life through healthy living. 


I’ve been pleasantly surprised by readers of Wake Up And Live Edition 1, especially those who weren’t originally interested in plant based food, who are now full blown converts!!! I wanted to provide even more delicious, irresistible and easy to make plant based recipes.  More snacks to keep the blood sugar stable throughout the day and the cravings at bay. More anti-inflammatory teas, more vegan breakfast options and more yummy, hard-to-believe-this-is-healthy desserts.  


Because I ask so much of my readers through the “Sweet 16 Lifestyle Changes” I realized I needed to create a system to help with accountability and consistency.  

The added journal features will drastically improve your Wake Up And Live experience allowing you to track your progress better and ensure that you’re showing up in all aspects of your lifestyle-change journey: mind, body and spirit.  


The upgrade and addition that I’m most excited about however is my newest baby  coined “Reggae Recipes” featuring tasty, healthy recipes and cooking tips from some of our favorite reggae artistes.


We are healed everyday through their music and their message, perhaps without realizing how much knowledge and power they possess through their own Ital livity.  From their kitchen to yours, we’ll be blessed with tips, tricks and an exclusive Wake Up And Live recipe from each artiste. 


SO, Let’s start 2019 with the most delicious bang, living each day with more purpose, energy, clarity and zest for life. Join the movement, show up for yourself and let’s be prepared to once and for all.....Wake Up And LIVE—the only way our divine bodies truly deserve! 

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