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Are you ready to explore the wonder-FULL world of plant-based eating with me?!  


Welcome to Cooking On The Clock—your biweekly youtube cooking fix for quick, simple and more importantly DELICIOUS plant-based meals that you can enjoy around the clock….ON THE CLOCK! 


Each week I will be sharing tips, tricks, hacks and facts to empower you with everything you need to eat better, cook more and create the most beautiful relationship with your food and body. You’ll soon realize that with a little bit of prep, knowledge and some simple kitchen must-haves and do’s, you can cook your way to health in just 30 minutes...we all have 30 minutes! 

Cooking On The Clock is brought to you by Grace Foods with their Better For You Grace products that are here to help us (and our taste buds!) enjoy the healthy journey ride. The show is hosted by Kamila McDonald, Founder and CEO of WellFit Wellness and Fitness Club, Author, certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist and TV personality, who once struggled with her own weight and is now committed to motivating and inspiring Jamaican’s home and abroad to experience the highest quality of life through healthy living.

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Cooking on The Clock aims to educate, inspire and empower our subscribers to take control of their health in the quickest, most enjoyable way we know how with delicious healthy recipes, tips, tutorials and a whole lot of fun!

Cooking on the Clock is more than food, it's a lifestyle!

Find out about the WellFit Club our holistic approach to Health & Wellness

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