A ticket to Kamp Kamila Live includes:

• 1 hour Kamp Kamila Workout (for all fitness levels) 
• 1 hour Wake Up And Live healthy cooking demonstration

   & tasting session
• 4 special surprise guest(s)
• 5 Year Kamp Kamila Anniversary towel
• A Wake Up And Live Reset eBook with a step by step guide

   to detoxing and kickstarting your healthy lifestyle transformation   
• A Post-Tour Webinar with Kamila McDonald LIVE!

Are you ready to become the happiest, healthiest person you know?! Join Kamila LIVE for her fitness and motivational experience that combines a high-intensity SWEAT to some rockin reggae beats followed by an intimate nutrition, Q&A and goal setting session.

The 1 hour fitness session is designed for all ages and fitness levels and will leave you recharged, fired up with endorphins and ready to conquer the world! Throughout the session Kamila will provide guidance on the most effective ways to lose fat, build lean muscle and get in the best shape of your life, sharing tips that will have an impact way beyond the session. 

Nothing affects our bodies and minds more than what we put in our bodies. After the sweat, you will sit down with Kamila for her detailed nutrition session outlining exactly how to eat for your goals. Kamila's session will empower you with the knowledge and understanding the foods that will allow you to THRIVE and which to eliminate all together. After the nutrition session she will open the floor to your specific questions. Kamila will close with a goal setting session which will also cover meal prep and meal planning. 

After your Kamp Kamila LIVE session you will leave feeling inspired, energized and ready to rise up and conquer those goals with a brand-new set of tools that will help to turn your big health visions into reality.

Saturday October 26

24hour Fitness, Green Acres

Commons Valley Stream, NY 11550

2 p.m. - 5 p.m.