An online lifestyle-change challenge led by celebrity trainer and health coach Kamila McDonald empowering you with all the tools you will need to start and maintain your healthy lifestyle transformation journey, in the comfort of your own home.   


You will be challenged to take a mental, emotional and physical trip to becoming the happiest and healthiest version of yourself, a tutorial based program infused with 4 weeks of:

  • Workout videos

  • Nutrition and Cooking videos

  • Affirmations and Mental Coaching

  • Kamila’s popular Accountability Partner Program

  • Habit Change Tracker and Journaling program

  • Lifetime access


The ultimate mission of the Challenge is for participants to experience just how beautiful life becomes when you nourish your body with quality food and thoughts every single day coupled with a 35 min SWEAT—5 times per week in the comfort of your own home.  


Not only will participants lose and maintain a healthy weight (an inevitable side effect of becoming healthy), but also experience significantly more energy, a more clear and focused mind, better sleep and an overall feeling of happiness.

                 TAKE THE 4 WEEK CHALLENGE!


The primary goal and motivation for ALL participants is becoming the healthiest possible version of ourselves: reducing inflammation, acidity and eating foods that will encourage the release of toxins we've been building up over the years.


During this Challenge you will learn why and how to:


  • Eat more plant based

  • Detox your kitchen and exactly what to restock it with (on a budget)

  • Build your best breakfast

  • Meal Plan and creating your weekly grocery list

  • Meal Prep: step by step guide to saving time and money while constantly keeping your pantry, fridge and lunch pack filled with healthy meals and snacks

  • Break up with sugar (with healthier alternatives)  

  • Prepare your mind and sustain your motivation right through the 6 weeks and beyond!

  • Incorporate affirmations and conscious positive thought in your daily habits

We will discuss the importance of mental fitness and the role it plays in successful weight loss and healthy living :


  • Forgiveness

  • Releasing Fear

  • The Power of Positive Thinking

  • Gratitude

  • Mental Toughness

  • Learning and dominating the Art of Discipline


Through engaging and informative videos you will also receive:


  • Recipe tutorial videos: Stay happily on track with 4 weeks worth of the most delicious Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Smoothies, Snacks and Healthy Indulgences.  

  • Reggae Recipes—from 8 of your favorite reggae artistes

  • At-Home Workout videos featuring Kamila’s high intensity HIIT workouts to sweet reggae, dancehall and soca beats with beautiful backdrops from around the island

The Wake Up And Live 2019 Challenge officially kicks off on Jan 28! With the purchase of the book or the challenge, you will gain free, exclusive access to my January Jumpstart Webinar Series 


All links and logins to access the challenge will be emailed out on Jan 23.  Cant wait to guide you on this mind, body, spirit journey. 2019 here we come!!! 


Love and Juice,