(available only for pre-order customers of the book and/or challenge)

The 2019 Wake Up And Live webinar series is a free, exclusive experience for all those who have pre-ordered the Book or the Challenge. Major Lifestyle Change requires time and lots of support in order to effectively follow through and more importantly for the changes to be long longlasting. Join the Challenge or pre-order the Book and join the series so we can approach all your 2019 health goals not as a resolution but instead as an evolution!  Let's tackle it together. Here is the schedule of events leading up to the release!! See you soon for the first webinar :)   



Jan 6 Delivery of the Jumpstart and Post Holiday Detox Guide:  This comprehensive  guide specially designed by Kamila, includes  everything you need to prep physically, mentally and logistically for your upcoming Post-Holiday Detox 


Jan 12 10am Reset Week Webinar: Live Webinar breaking down the ins and outs of detoxing and everything you need to know about successfully beginning and sustaining your lifestyle-change journey 90 mins Jan 14 *Reset Week begins!* 7 days of detoxing 


Jan 19 10am 90 mins  Life after a Detox: Learn all the tricks and strategies to truly continue and maintain weight loss, alkalinity and healthy-living after detox week. 


Jan 26 10am Meal Prep and Meal planning webinar 90 mins Kamila will unlock the magical world of Meal prepping Breaking it DOWN for you step by step on how we can realistically Meal Plan and Meal Prep to stay on track, ALL THE TIME, no matter how busy we are! 


Jan 28 *4 week Wake Up And Live challenge begins!*

Sugar, sodium, gluten, coffee 

Eliminate toxic substances Added Sugars and challenge prep 60 mins: There are a few substances most of us are addicted to the one substance keeping us away from our health and fitness goals, and we don’t even know it! Added sugars are lurking in just about everything